Friday, May 4, 2012

Lazy Thursdays...

I made 2 rules for myself yesterday: (1) Stay within 1 mile of my apartment and (2) Avoid putting on real clothes. Lucky for me, I live in the heart of Inman Square and I own a plethora of stretchy pants, so my day off was extremely successful.
All Star Sandwich Bar, an Inman Square staple, just opened up a pizza shop across the street, All Star Pizza Bar. Since I’m less than skilled in the kitchen, we got take out and devoured it in front of the tv. They have tons of options to choose from... Tom and I went with the "Buffalo Duck Confit" (marinara sauce, house blend of cheese, duck confit tossed in all star buffalo sauce with Maytag blue cheese then finished with pickled celery).  Epically delicious. I could have eaten half the pie myself, no questions asked.
For most people, Friday is a welcomed release from their busy work week. For me, Friday is the start of my busy work week. For now, I'm savoring the morning stillness of my apartment. Tom is still passed out in my room, so it's just me and the glow of my computer screen. Happy weekend!

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  1. Delicious indeed! Thanks again for sharing. HOW COULD YOU FORGET TO MENTION THE PIE?!